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The Rizzello family owns 200 hectares of land,
of which 120 are bred with the sapling and espalier system.

The remaining part will be planted, seeking the uniqueness of the Salento territory and enhancing ancient native vines such as
Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Malvasia Bianca, Susumaniello and Primitivo.
The practice of a clean and sustainable agriculture is a goal that we pursue daily.

Vigne di Sammarco

reinterprets and spreads the culture of Salento winemaking.

Le Vigne di Sammarco,

reinterprets and spreads culture Salento winemaking.

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The persuasive tone of Negroamaro, the decisive cadence of Primitivo,
the ancestral echo of Malvasia Nera, the lively chatter of Susumaniello…

Each vine is a nuance of the voice of this land. It is the harsh and wild voice of the syncopated songs of Salento,
which knows how to be sweet and caressing with those who listen to it carefully and with respect.



The vocation of the Rizzello family’s land, for the production of wine grapes, is very old.


The first small winery is established, where, for the first time, grapes are used by the family to produce its wine.


The new generation focuses on the native vines of Salento, enhancing their unique characteristics.


The first labeled bottle of wine sees the light at the dawn of the new millennium.


A new, modern factory allows the Rizzello family to produce high quality wines.


Le Vigne di Sammarco expands its horizons, helping to spread the wine culture of Salento all over the world.

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