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A unique territory

Salento, perpetually kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind, which give the vineyards the scents of the Mediterranean.

Cradle of wine in the classical age, this land has jealously preserved the unique imprint of its vines to this day.

The 80% of the Rizzello family’s land is dedicated to the territorial vines: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera and Susumaniello, destined to the production of high quality wines, awarded the D.O.P. certification.


Grecale, Ponente,
Scirocco, Tramontana.

Lying between the Ionian and the Adriatic seas and mainly flat, the Salento territory is exposed to the many winds that calm the heat of the warmer months. The scarcity of rains and the soils of calcareous and clayey composition give wines of remarkable body and gradation, with intense and surprising bouquets.

The dazzling light of the long summers, the scents of the sea and the essences of the spontaneous flora, carried by the breezes, Grecale, Ponente, Scirocco, Tramontana, that blow from the coast to the inland,

contribute to the formation of their peculiar olfactory character, but it is the ability to choose the soils, the grapes, the cultivation methods and the mastery of the fermentation and aging processes to enhance and harmonize these aromas, and make a wine from Le Vigne di Sammarco recognizable, even before bringing the glass to the lips.

Salento is movement, light, beauty.

The steps of the ancient dances, the full and empty friezes carved on the churches are a counterpoint to the rhythms of nature, the white of the lime dialogues with the red of the earth, the sea tells stories of ancient migrations that have made this land a crossroads, a landing place, a treasure chest of stories and knowledge.

Typicality and tradition are living and constantly evolving values.

The heritage of this unique territory is constituted by its precious biodiversity and the knowledge that passes from the laborious hands of generations of winemakers to those of expert agronomists, oenologists and technicians who contribute to making the ancient voice of the earth resonate with the perfection and definition offered by the most advanced technologies and methods of cultivation and winemaking.

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