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The Wines

The persuasive tone of Negroamaro, the strong accent of Primitivo,
the ancestral echo of Malvasia Nera and the lively chatter of Susumaniello…

Each grape variety is a note of the voice of the Salento land.
The Rizzello family has been listening to it with love and attention for four generations,
writing scores that enhance its beauty and caress the senses.

gli Unici

If a line of great wines is like a good book of short stories, these are our novels. Complex narratives that will not disappoint those who wish to get lost in a compelling plot.


la Selezione

The signature on the label of the wines of La Selezione represents the certainty of Franco Rizzello that each of them fully reflects his story, without compromises, without reservations.


i Cru

Profoundly different stories, distinct characters, precise scenarios but a unique and recognizable style in telling them. Authenticity and elegance that involve until the last sip.



Some stories are so intense that it is best to tell them in their simplicity. In this line the love for the territory translates into the choice to use only grapes from organic cultivation.



The passionate diary of a journey that touches every corner of Puglia. Each page is a hymn to the colors and scents of one of the peculiar expressions of this amazing region.

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